The 22 Minute House Cleaning Method for Work at Home Moms

By Holly Reisem Hanna

I’m one of those Type A individuals who has to have everything all clean and tidy. Every week I spend a good amount of time cleaning and organizing – which I don’t mind, I actually find it therapeutic. The only problem is that keeping the house spic-and-span takes up a huge chunk of my valuable time; time that I could be use to grow my business or spend with my loved ones.

Well, a few weeks ago I read this article on Simple Mom, The Case for Once a Month Cleaning. The article highlighted some really good points about batching your duties. I’ve actually been intrigued with the idea of batching since I read Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week. In this book Tim talks about doing chores on a month basis, instead of a week basis – thus saving you time.

So I decided to try out a similar plan and see how much extra time I could save myself each week.

Here’s how the 22 minute house cleaning plan works…

For the first 3 weeks you do a quick 22 minute spot clean. On week 4 you do a deep clean which will take longer, but you’ll gain extra time weeks 1-3.

Kitchen Area: Wipe counter tops down, spot clean and rise the sink, and spot sweep the floor – 6 minutes.

Living Area (Main Traffic Areas): Vacuum the floor – 8 minutes.

Bathrooms: Wipe off counter tops, Wipe down sinks, clean the toilet and spot clean the mirrors – 8 minutes (2 bathrooms).

During the rest of the week, just use the clean as you go method, meaning, immediately pick up your dishes and put them in the dishwasher and spot wiping/cleaning visibly soiled areas. Then on week 4 do a deep clean where you dust, mop and scrub the entire house. By doing this I was able to give myself 6 – 9 additional hours during the month – not bad.

Lessons this work at home mom learned…

Just Let Go: For myself I learned that I needed to let go of some of my Type A tendencies. Even though I wasn’t scrubbing the entire house each week, it still looked just as clean when I did the 22 minute quick clean. Apply this mantra to different areas of your life and you’ll soon find that you have more time than you thought.

Learn to Prioritize: Often when I would be cleaning my daughter would ask me to play with her, and I’d say, “In a minute” – I can’t tell you how many times a day I would catch myself saying this. Cleaning isn’t a priority, my daughter is.

Get Rid of the Judgment and Guilt: Stop beating yourself up because your house isn’t spotless. As moms we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves to be prefect in every way, and it’s just not possible. Let go of the judgment and guilt and hold on to those activities that make you feel empowered and strong.

How do you manage household duties as a work at home mom?

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