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Happy Friday!  The weekend is almost here.  And, it’s time for another #FollowFriday recommendation.  This week I recommend that you check out Mark Schaefer from {grow}.

Mark Schaefer is a sales/marketing/social media strategist who helps businesses of all sizes develop effect marketing and social media strategies.

I think that I discovered Mark while looking through the AdAge Power 150 list.   Mark is currently number 48 on the list.  While AdAge might put him at number 48, he is in my top 10 list of bloggers that I follow.  If you are interested in marketing and social media, you need to be reading Mark’s blog.

Why do I enjoy Mark’s blog so much?

1.  Practical social media advice – I find the hype in the social media space to be exhausting, but Mark is a breath of fresh air.  Mark’s advice is practical and based on lots of business experience.  Here is a great example of Mark’s practical social media advice – Stop shoving social media down my throat.

2.  Great case studies – Mark publishes some excellent case studies.  One of my favorites was a recent case study on how Caterpillar is using social media.

3.  Community – I love interacting with the community Mark has built around his site.  Here is how Mark built his community around his blog. Mark’s community rocks.  Here are some cool bloggers that are a part of Mark’s community – Gini Dietrich, Davina Brewer, Kaarina Dillabough, Mark Harai, Ingrid Abboud, and Srini Rao.

Let’s wrap this love fest up.  Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy Mark’s awesome archives!

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